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03.Finance Management System (FMS)


02.Education Management Information System (EMIS)

Sky Finance the Aviation Finance Management Information System for Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka (CAASL)

The main objective of this system was to develop a Accounting Software with Inventory Management, Asset management, Vehicle Fleet Management, Investment Management and Payroll system required by Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka, which is the regulatory authority for implementation of International Standards and Recommended practices stipulated by the International Civil Aviation Organization related to Safety Oversight of civil aviation in the Country. Main responsibility of CAASL lies ensuring “Safety and Security” of passengers travel by air in civil air transportation. The system has extended well beyond the scope of standard Accounting software systems. This system specially introduced computerized online receipting facilities, purchasing, receivables, expenditures & staff loan handling facility, etc. Therefore, we looked for affordable, all-in-one software that can manage numerous aspects of business accounting, including invoicing, customer and vendor contact information, asset management, inventory, payroll and reporting.

The product was successfully implemented at the client’s sites and on the final user acceptance stage of the projecthanded over to the client on time. The Accounting Software system for the Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka (CAASL) is a centralized system on a Local area network/wireless network which links the departments of CAASL which facilitates the functions of the required modules. The Main Database Server and other servers will be established in CAASL premises. The following figure shows the overall plan of the relevant locations, the software modules and the information flow.

Treasury Operation Manager & Treasury Single Account system for Department of Treasury Operations

Treasury Operations Department is one the major division of General Treasury of Sri Lanka which is responsible for issuing funds to all the government organizations and collecting revenues on behalf of the government of Sri Lanka. This department maintains the accounts of such fund releases and revenue collection according to the government rules and regulations.

Prior to the introduce the “EMET Treasury Operation Manager”, all most all the activities were done manually which consume more time and energy of the staff plus caused negative impact to the decision making process.

The Treasury Operation Manager Software developed and implemented by EmetSoft has been operated successfully at Treasury Operation Department of General Treasury Since 2005. This software was designed to encompass all the activities of Treasury Operations managed by the department.

The objectives were to be achieved by this system:

  • Improve cash-flow management.
  • Improve decision making ability.
  • Improve the efficiency of fund transfer mechanism.
  • Increase accuracy and reduce time wastage.
  • Build interactivity between TOD and the other departments.
  • Increase the transparency & the performance.

Starting from preparation of vouchers for payments and receipts to issue of cheques and maintaining those transactions under government accounting system and transferring those data for preparing final accounts of government of Sri Lanka is processed through this system. In addition maintaining bank reconciliation & other bank related activities, cash book and cash flow management are also very important parts of this software. Also the financial and operational monitoring reports produced by this software have given enough leverage to the top management in taking correct financial decisions in advance.

This software follows the exact procedures of government treasury operations as well as the government accounting procedure plus the government accounting code structure to operate it successfully.

We have also successfully developed and implemented the Treasury Single Accounts System (TSA) as per the request made by the Department of Treasury Operations. This is an extension to the Treasury Operation Manager Software project. This system enables Treasury Operation Manager Software to link with the banks electronically to improve the efficiency in government fund handling.

Implementation and Maintenance of a Financial Management & Reporting (FMS) System for ICTA (ICTA/MISC/I/NS/32)

The Information and Communication Technology Agency of Sri Lanka (ICTA) is the implementing organization for the e-Sri Lanka initiative. To fulfill its mandate, the ICTA is implementing programs in the areas of

  • Building the National Information Infrastructure
  • Re-engineering Government
  • Investment Promotion and Private Sector Development
  • Developing ICT Human Resources
  • Societal Applications Development (or e-Society)

All the initiatives and programs implemented in the above areas are constantly being monitored to evaluate their effectiveness and also all Financial Management and Reporting (FMS) aspects are recoded to ensure transparency of funds utilizations for the interest of the ICTA management and for the donor organizations.

To manage the financial aspects related to the implemented programs, ICTA appointed EmetSoft to implement the Financial Management System under the guidance of the FMS team at ICTA.

Under this Finance Management and Reporting System, Payment Management, Revenue Management, Asset Management, Budgeting, Financial Reports were automated efficient and successful manner. Most importantly accounts classification code is used to classify the transaction up to several levels of areas which supports to project based accounting that are commonly use by the funding agencies such as World Bank, ADB, etc.

Implementation of Finance Management Information System for National Highways Sector Project (NHSP) – Sri Lanka

National Highways Sector Project is implemented by the Ministry of Highways & Road Development of the Government of Sri Lanka with the Finance assistance from the Asian Development Bank.

National Highways Sector Project is implemented by the Ministry of Highways & Road Development of the Government of Sri Lanka with the Finance assistance from the Asian Development Bank.

EmetSoft as the Software consultant was assigned to analyze the system including existing MIS, design, develop and implement an amalgamated software solution for recording finance accounts, keeping track of project implementation / progress, procurement and monitoring and evaluation with a reliable back-up system.

The Objective of this Consultancy Assignment was,

Undertake a Client Requirement Survey to identify the scope of the requirements of the proposed FMIS.Identify the information and reporting requirements of,

  • The PMU office in terms of project management
  • The Ministry of Highways & Road Development
  • Asian Development Bank
  • General Treasury
  • Other stakeholder institutions

Detail the functions, features and performance criteria of the proposed Financial Management Information System including a detailed list of output reports generated through the system.

Elaborate on the integration of FMIS with MIS which is to be used for project Management and Land acquisition.

To design, Develop, install and maintain a sustainable software package integrating Financial Accounting/ Management, Information, Procurement reporting, Monitoring and Evaluation for the Ministry of Highways and Asian Development Bank based Procurement, Monitoring and Evaluation of the progress of day to day operations of the packages and complying with reporting and monitoring requirements of PMU, ADB & GOSL.

Provide systems health management for a sustainable software package. Ex. Password protection, Virus safeguard, Debugging, Backup system both removable and created in a server.

To recommend and provide specifications for the Hardware needs to be installed including the requirements for networking, for the smooth operation of the Software developed.

Implementation of Revenue Management & Financial Management System for Local Government Authorities of Sri Lanka

The financial management system being adopted by the local government authorities (LGA) are well directed by the stipulated laws such as Municipal Councils and Urban Councils ordinance and Pradeshiya Sabha (Areal Councils) act. Specific requirements are provided by these laws on financial management and the local government authorities strictly abide the laws by following the instructions given.

In this system, all most all the key components of the financial management system of the LGA’s were considered as below;

  • Receiving payments from various sources of revenue of LGAs and by other means of payments
  • Payables to different sources
  • Main General Ledger
  • Cash Book
  • Balance Sheet
  • Final accounts
  • Pre-defined financial statements (forms)
  • Monitoring & evaluation

Followings are some of the projects carried out by EmetSoft under Implementation of revenue Management and Finance Management solution for Local Government initiatives.

Urban Council of Bandarawella – Sri Lanka Implementation of Revenue Management System (Rate, Water Billing and other revenue sources) Implementation of finance management system

Bandaragama Pradesiya Sabawa (Areal Council of Bandaragama – Sri Lanka) Implementation of Revenue management & Finance Management system

Municipal Council of Moratuwa – Sri Lanka Implementation of Revenue Management System

Municipal Council of Badulla – Sri Lanka Implementation of Revenue Management System (Rate, Water Billing and other revenue sources)

kurunegala Pradesiya Sabawa (Areal Council of Kurunegala – Sri Lanka) Implementation of Revenue management System & Finance Management system

Kundasale Pradesiya Sabawa (Areal Council of Kundasale – Sri Lanka) Implementation of Revenue management system

Ambalantota Pradesiya Sabawa (Areal Council of Ambalantota – Sri Lanka) Implementation of Revenue management system

Ambagamuwa Pradesiya Sabawa (Areal Council of Ambagamuwa – Sri Lanka) Implementation of Revenue management system & Finance Management system

Gangawata Korale Sabawa (Areal Council of Gangawata Korale – Sri Lanka) Implementation of Revenue management system

Creating Interoperable Transliteration Software for ICTA (ICTA/CON/CQ/211)

ICTA has identified the enabling of ICT in local languages, Sinhala and Tamil, as priority area in the e-Sri Lanka development initiative. ICTA has defined projects where Government organizations are expected to hold list of local names, addresses and places, in database in Sinhala, Tamil and English. When names are input in one language it is necessary to give such names in another alphabet.

Localization of Windows Vista and Office 2007 for Information and Communication Technology Agency (ICTA) of Sri Lanka and Microsoft Corporation – Contract No. : ICTA/MIS/22

This localization project was a joint effort of EmetSoft and University of Colombo School of Computing as the phase 2 of an ICTA project for which ICTA has signed a contract with Microsoft on the localization of Windows Vista and Office, termed Language Interface Pack (LIP) project and met its targets without any delay. Even this made an excitement to Microsoft as they hadn’t expected this kind of result from a third world country like Sri Lanka.

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