Implementation and Maintenance of a Financial Management & Reporting (FMS) System for ICTA (ICTA/MISC/I/NS/32)

The Information and Communication Technology Agency of Sri Lanka (ICTA) is the implementing organization for the e-Sri Lanka initiative. To fulfill its mandate, the ICTA is implementing programs in the areas of

  • Building the National Information Infrastructure
  • Re-engineering Government
  • Investment Promotion and Private Sector Development
  • Developing ICT Human Resources
  • Societal Applications Development (or e-Society)

All the initiatives and programs implemented in the above areas are constantly being monitored to evaluate their effectiveness and also all Financial Management and Reporting (FMS) aspects are recoded to ensure transparency of funds utilizations for the interest of the ICTA management and for the donor organizations.

To manage the financial aspects related to the implemented programs, ICTA appointed EmetSoft to implement the Financial Management System under the guidance of the FMS team at ICTA.

Under this Finance Management and Reporting System, Payment Management, Revenue Management, Asset Management, Budgeting, Financial Reports were automated efficient and successful manner. Most importantly accounts classification code is used to classify the transaction up to several levels of areas which supports to project based accounting that are commonly use by the funding agencies such as World Bank, ADB, etc.