Treasury Operation Manager & Treasury Single Account system for Department of Treasury Operations

Treasury Operations Department is one the major division of General Treasury of Sri Lanka which is responsible for issuing funds to all the government organizations and collecting revenues on behalf of the government of Sri Lanka. This department maintains the accounts of such fund releases and revenue collection according to the government rules and regulations.

Prior to the introduce the “EMET Treasury Operation Manager”, all most all the activities were done manually which consume more time and energy of the staff plus caused negative impact to the decision making process.

The Treasury Operation Manager Software developed and implemented by EmetSoft has been operated successfully at Treasury Operation Department of General Treasury Since 2005. This software was designed to encompass all the activities of Treasury Operations managed by the department.

The objectives were to be achieved by this system:

  • Improve cash-flow management.
  • Improve decision making ability.
  • Improve the efficiency of fund transfer mechanism.
  • Increase accuracy and reduce time wastage.
  • Build interactivity between TOD and the other departments.
  • Increase the transparency & the performance.

Starting from preparation of vouchers for payments and receipts to issue of cheques and maintaining those transactions under government accounting system and transferring those data for preparing final accounts of government of Sri Lanka is processed through this system. In addition maintaining bank reconciliation & other bank related activities, cash book and cash flow management are also very important parts of this software. Also the financial and operational monitoring reports produced by this software have given enough leverage to the top management in taking correct financial decisions in advance.

This software follows the exact procedures of government treasury operations as well as the government accounting procedure plus the government accounting code structure to operate it successfully.

We have also successfully developed and implemented the Treasury Single Accounts System (TSA) as per the request made by the Department of Treasury Operations. This is an extension to the Treasury Operation Manager Software project. This system enables Treasury Operation Manager Software to link with the banks electronically to improve the efficiency in government fund handling.